“The Intensifying Curses”

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July 27 - August 3, 2012
“Then if you walk contrary to Me, and are not willing to obey Me, I will bring SEVEN TIMES MORE PLAGUES (intensifying), according to your sins. I will also send wild beasts among you, which shall rob you of your children, destroy your livestock, and make you few in number, and your HIGHWAYS shall be desolate.” Leviticus 26:21-22.

Dear Brethren,

The fury of nature continues striking at the stomachs of America and Britain with the searing heat, little to no rain, crops wilting in the breadbasket states, tornadoes, fires burning in various states, and worsening!

This appears to be the settling in of the real beginning of the severe Famine as made known by God through Joel.

If this is true, and it is believed to be, the severest effects of the famine will not be felt for one, or possibly two more years!

The cost of food is already spiraling and will become much greater next year, and even worse the year after with little to no food available - possibly severe famine by then!

There are those who say drought has been seen before in earlier years; and they are right! However when we consider where we are now in time with all of the many unresolvable problems facing the House of Joseph, along with the dramatic escalation of sin and the acceptance of it by more than 50 percent of the populace, including the leaders and court systems, should tell us this has come to be a time like no other, and fits fully with end-time Bible prophecies (Isaiah 1:4-10).

The Handwriting is on the Wall

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